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Johor Corporation (“JCorp”) implemented various activities towards the creation of conducive working environment while consequently producing excellent and highly innovative employees.


Among the activities which were introduced since 1985 include the Perhimpunan Dialog dan Amanat (PEDOMAN), which is bi-annually organised in January and July respectively

Besides PEDOMAN, all employees stand for an opportunity to openly raise and discuss job-related, operational as well as improvement issues directly with the President & Chief Executive of JCorp through Sesi Bersama Presiden. This session illustrates the management’s transparency in welcoming views and suggestions from the employees.


As a knowledge-centred organisation, JCorp organised series of programmes with the objective to increase the knowledge of its employees. Among others, Mukmin Professional Programme aimed at embedding employees with personality and integrity as the catalysts towards a more productive work culture and the powerhouse of religion and nation. This programme involved all categories of employee including senior managements.


In 2015, JCorp launched Johor Corporation Chartered Accountancy Programme (JCAP) to increase the number of Chartered Accountants in Johor. This programme is a strategic collaboration between JCorp and major local accounting firms i.e. Ernst & Young, PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and BDO. A number of outstanding candidates were placed at Flemmings Chartered Accountants, United Kingdom. All participants of this programme are trained to obtain one of these following qualifications: ICAEW, ACCA, CIMA or MICPA/ICANZ. Prior to that, the candidates went through three steps of stringent evaluations including online assessment, case-study assessment and interviews. This programme was also opened to the qualified children of JCorp and Group employees.

On the same note, Johor Corporation Education Sponsorship Programme (JESP) was initiated in the same year to identify, nurture and coaches young talents in the fields of accounting, law, engineering and economics to provide sufficient talent pipeline for succession planning while contributing to the state and national human capital development


JCorp continuously encourages activities pertaining to improvement of quality culture and innovation through Innovative & Creative Circle (ICC), Cross Functional Team (XFT) as well as Cadangan dan Idea Ke Arah Kecemerlangan (CEMPAKA) programmes since 1995. The peak of this programme is the Hari Mekar occasion which combines participations from JCorp Group of Companies as platform for sharing ideas and quality activities among the companies within JCorp Group.

JCorp introduced Quality Environment Category (QE/5S) for the first time during the 18th Hari Mekar to encourage participation and recognise the implementation of QE/5S practices among the departments and companies within the Group. Generally there were encouraging improvements in terms of performance in the aspect of quality that can be viewed through various recognitions and certifications awarded within JCorp Group.

Eventually, JCorp’s aspiration towards QE/5S practices was realized when the Corporation was acknowledged with 5S certification by Malaysia Productivity Corporation on 29 September 2015.


JCorp believes in distinguished traits and uniqueness of each individuals to be potentially leveraged with its vast and multi-faceted operations. Be part of our team and experience the dynamics of our fascinating corporate journey!