Corporate Governance

JCorp’s policy of strict adherence to good Corporate Governance in its operations is fundamental to its capacity to remain vibrant and competitive amidst global uncertainties and the ever changing needs and the ways businesses operate today. JCorp has continuously pursued the tenets of good Corporate Governance in all its activities and in the business transactions of the subsidiary companies in the Group. JCorp takes pride in its standard of Corporate Governance and in the reputation built over the years.

JCorp has put in place a Corporate Governance structure with clear internal control systems, reporting and responsibility lines as well as procedures that are easily understood. Corporate Governance in JCorp is systematically ruled by a number of specific committees that cater to the different levels of decision-making processes pertaining to the operational, financial and strategic issues in business deliverance, consisting of the Board of Directors, Board of Audit Committee, Board of Tender Committee, Group Top Management Committee or TERAJU, Teraju Korporat, Executive Committee (EXCO) and Investment Review Committee (JAWS).

The effectiveness and efficiency of JCorp’s Corporate Governance measures has also prevailed over the conduct of the 282 companies within the Group. F our listed entities have their own Corporate Governance statements that are bonded to stock exchanges and listing requirements in addition to JCorp’s commitment of adherence to Johor State’s Enactment as a statutory body.

These tenets are essential to the building of an enduring brand and sustained stakeholder value. JCorp also observes high standards of corporate conduct in line with the principles and guidelines of the revised Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance.

The National Audit Department has awarded JCorp with a four-star, the highest rating, in the Financial Management Accountability Index, which has been achieved for six consecutive years since 2007. This is a testimony of the high standards of integrity and transparency in corporate governance and sound financial management system. In addition, JCorp has been internationally recognised as it took pride in claiming the ADFIAP Awards 2013 in the Corporate Governance Category, hence testifying JCorp's commendable Corporate Governance track record.