JCorp Hotels And Resorts Sdn. Bhd. (JHR) is one of the leading brands in Johor's hospitality industry, with a distinctive collection and a nationwide reputation for excellence. Today, JHR is a growth organization, ready as ever to build upon its unique strengths and established reputation to become one of the most-storied hotel brands across the state.

JHR spearheads JCorp's hospitality business oversees. Several properties under its purview include The Puteri Pacific Johor Bahru, Persada Johor International Convention Centre, Hotel Selesa Johor Bahru and Hotel Selesa Pasir Gudang which are all located in Johor, besides Selesa Tioman Condotel in Pahang.

The hospitality business generates an annual revenue of more than RM65 million. With its gross operating profit remaining positive, concerted effort has been put in to take advantage of the wide spectrum of products available in the tourism industry especially in sports and recreation, education, healthcare, commercial development and other sectors. The company guarantees consistency throughout its collection of hotels and modern city centre properties by adhering strictly to company-wide standards, ensuring the same high-quality amenities are available to all guests wherever they visit.

However, the chain of Selesa hotels in Johor Bahru has been earmarked for disposal. The sector will redirect its focus on its flagship properties, The Puteri Pacific Johor Bahru, Persada Johor International Convention Centre and Selesa Pasir Gudang to ensure sustainability with reduction in capital expenditure commitment.

Moving forward, with the recent refurbishment exercise in The Puteri Pacific Johor Bahru, JHR is confident to capture the growth in business and leisure arrivals into Johor Bahru. As JHR expands its brand across the state, it remains committed to its core values by providing experiences that are authentically local, in hotels and modern complexes of unrivalled presence, with service that is truly engaging.