TLP Terminal Sdn. Bhd


TLP Terminal Sdn Bhd (TLPT, formerly known as Super Heritage Brand Sdn Bhd (SHB) is a newly incorporated company for the purpose of handling the operation of the Terminal, which is owned by Johor Corporation (JCorp), a state agency of Johor.

TLPT has secured a concession with JCorp for 30 years and JCorp granting to TLPT amongst others the right to develop, operate and manage the provision of facilities at the Terminal. 


Strategic Location

Tanjung Langsat Terminal (the “Terminal”) is strategically located at the heart of South East Asia, only 12.0 nautical miles from one of the busiest international shipping lanes in the world. The 1,000 acres port area is endowed with 4.5 km shore line and is one of the fastest growing ports in the region being developed as a regional Oil & Gas hub. It has excellent connectivity and linked to the other parts of the world by way of 3 modern highways, 2 international airports and 2 seaports.

The Terminal is part of the Eastern Gate Development, one of the 5 main economic corridors in Iskandar Development Region (Iskandar). Investors operating in Iskandar is eligible for additional incentives from the government such as GIFT, the latest incentive for oil traders operating in the Terminal.

Major activities in this area are focused on heavy industries and logistics, including electrical and electronics (E&E), chemical, oleochemical, food and engineering based industries as well as ports and logistics and warehousing.

The Terminal plays important role in Eastern Gate Development (Flagship D) as the contributor to economic growth especially in Oil & Gas activities.

Most of the committed investment in Iskandar is located in Flagship D, within the 2 largest industrial areas in Johor – the Pasir Gudang Industrial Area and the Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex (TLIC) developed by Johor Corporation.