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Azhar Ahmad

Senior General Manager

Group Talent Management

Azhar Ahmad, currently serving as the Senior General Manager at Group Talent Management, showcases seasoned expertise with a remarkable 25-year career trajectory across diverse industries. His leadership journey commenced in 1993, with roles spanning from Production Engineer at Associated Pan Malaysia Cement Pty. Ltd to his recent positions in top-tier management.

Before assuming his current role at JCorp in 2022, Azhar held pivotal positions including Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Sapura Secured Technologies in 2022, Regional Director of Business and Consulting at KPSoft in 2021, and Business Transformation Director at KPMG in 2019. His extensive leadership experience also includes roles such as General Manager at DRB-HICOM in 2008 and Country Manager at Proton Berhad in 1998, showcasing his versatility and adaptability across industries.

Azhar's tenure at JCorp underscores his dedication to enhancing talent strategies and fostering a thriving company culture. His wealth of experience and commitment make him a key contributor to JCorp's continued growth and success.